Outfit Your Patio with Outdoor Fire Pits in Seattle, WA!

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Are you looking for a way to add some excitement to your patio in time for entertaining friends, family and other special guests this summer? Outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA might be the perfect idea.

A fire pit serves as a focal point and unique gathering spot and helps keep you and your guests warm once the sun goes down. Learn more about some factors to consider when selecting the right outdoor fire pit for your needs.

Where will you place the fire pit?

Like any other fire-producing fixture, your new fire pit should be placed far away from anything that could catch fire, including plants or hazardous materials.

What style suits you and your space?

When you begin working with a professional on designing a fire pit for your patio, you’ll quickly see that they don’t all look the same. You’ll generally find them in a variety of shapes. A good starting point in determining the style you want is to think about the size of your patio area. If it is on the smaller side, a bowl-shaped fire pit would work well. Rectangular- or square-shaped fire pits are an attractive choice for a bigger patio.

Do you want a built-in fire pit, or one that is movable?

If the idea of a lightweight fire pit that you can move to different areas of the patio is appealing, a portable model would likely work well. However, if you’re not looking to move your fire pit and envision a permanent location for your new addition, a built-in fire pit is a logical choice.

What kind of fuel do you want to use?

If you want a truly outdoorsy atmosphere, you might opt to use wood as fuel. Wood is also a less expensive option than other kinds of fuel. However, you might still decide you don’t want to use wood and that you’d rather go with propane, gel or natural gas for your fire pit’s fuel source.

Do local codes allow you to build a fire pit?

Fire pits may not be allowed in all areas because of specific local ordinances and rules. Be sure to find out what is allowed in your local area.

How much are you looking to spend?

The more you spend, the more detailed and complex you can make your fire pit area. If you have a limited budget, consider going with a simple option. If seating and other additional features are of interest to you, factor in the costs for these elements accordingly.

Will outdoor fire pits in Seattle, WA give your patio the look and feel you’ve been envisioning? Let Custom Fire Art outfit your outdoor space with a custom fire pit, and you’ll have a functional work of art that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come.

As the area’s premier provider of full-service custom fire fixtures, our team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians is dedicated to creating custom fixtures for fire pits, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, patios and grills. We strive to produce elements that are both carefully made and artistically appealing. Feel free to stop by or give us a call today!

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