Design Ideas for Fireplace Remodeling in Seattle, WA

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Whether your fireplace remodeling in Seattle, WA takes place on an indoor unit or an outdoor fire pit, rest assured that there are many creative designs available for bio-ethanol burners. This modern interpretation of a fireplace with enormous environmental benefits also expands design possibilities for living rooms and outdoor kitchens. Here are some new ideas to get you started on creating the ideal fireplace:

  • Stay traditional: Installing bio-ethanol burners in your current fireplace remains an option. The space is already available, and it is the natural centerpiece for your living or dining room. Use this opportunity to expand on your current environment. Steel inserts can add an industrial look, or if you are feeling ambitious about a historic look in an older home, consider adding textures that look like coal or wood when the flames burn. This is frequently an option chosen by many customers who love and want to achieve the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, but who have no desire to maintain it.
  • Room centerpiece: Building a centerpiece fire is possible both indoors and outdoors. You often see this in restaurants, but that does not disqualify the idea from entering your home. A traditional fire pit outdoors surrounded by sunken furniture or even water features creates the ideal back porch living space. Inside, you can use terra cotta décor or create a modern look with sharp lines. While the only limit is your imagination, remember to add safety screening if you have pets or small children who might try to walk right into the flame.
  • Non-traditional locations: If you seek something especially bold, a table centerpiece may be your style. The great thing about bio-ethanol is that you do not require venting, a flue or even soot control measures. You can put this type of fireplace anywhere! So, if there is a spot beneath your TV, in your kitchen or even straight down a stone table that you feel would benefit from a roaring fire, this is the perfect option for you.
  • Decorative rocks: You may desire effects that look like wood or coal is burning, but you should also consider adding other natural elements. Natural rock on the perimeter of a fire pit or even as an element among the flames adds a particularly striking feature. You can also use stone as a facing for your fireplace insert if it helps it to better match the original material of your fireplace.
  • Glass boxes: Adding glass to your bio-ethanol burners accomplishes two tasks. One, it is a protective layer between the fire and the rest of the world. This can be important if you have children or pets who might get into the fire. Two, the glass helps the light of the flames spread out further. While fire is often coveted for its heat, the light also adds to the atmosphere.

If you seek fireplace remodeling in Seattle, WA using bio-ethanol burners, contact Custom Fire Art today. We design and build both indoor and outdoor fireplaces and look forward to enhancing your living environment.

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