Use Bio-Ethanol Burners for Your Next Custom Fireplace

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Bio-ethanol burners are gaining priority in outdoor and indoor custom fireplace design. They offer ease and quality that is unmatched by traditional gas or wood fireplaces. If you are considering the bio-ethanol route the next time you build or upgrade with help from a custom fireplace contractor in Seattle, WA, here are the advantages you will enjoy with that choice:

  • Air quality: Bio-ethanol burners are appropriate for indoor and outdoor fireplaces. In either environment, pollutants compromise fresh air and literally make it difficult to breathe. Breathing in ash or smoke is uncomfortable for all of us. For outdoor fire pits, using bio-ethanol adds less pollution to the environment that does not end up in your lungs. When you install it for an indoor fireplace, it helps with air quality there, too. Smoke, ash and odors can cancel out the cozy effects of a fireplace very quickly—especially if you forget to open the flue first. Using bio-ethanol gives you all the warmth and effects without pollution. Unlike traditional fireplaces, you do not need a flue at all! There is nothing to vent or control in terms of smoke or even fumes.
  • Uses renewal energy: Besides adding to air quality, the bio-ethanol also places less pressure on natural resources. Bio-ethanol fuel is made from corn, potatoes, beets, sugar cane and other renewable crops. This makes it a clean-burning fuel, as well as one that does not diminish limited fuel sources.
  • Clean: With no soot, ash or smoke, bio-ethanol leaves little surface mess, as well as avoiding the air quality issue. You do not have to sweep as frequently or worry about pets getting into your fireplace and tracking soot all over your home. If you have an outdoor fire pit, you do not have to worry about hidden glowing embers becoming a fire hazard later. The only byproducts of bio-ethanol are a little water and carbon dioxide. This reduces the amount of time you spend on maintaining your fireplace and makes it safer too.
  • Good heat distribution: Wood burning stoves and gas fireplaces offer heat, but it is often unevenly distributed. It is not uncommon to find drafts counteracting the heat. Bio-ethanol uses real flames like wood burning and gas fireplaces, but heat production and distribution remains even. There is also less temperature fluctuation, which allows you to enjoy a consistently warm home.
  • Easily installed: These designs generally involve a steel unit with a burner tray, cover and a protective screen that keeps heat to one space. They can be free-standing, which requires no installation effort. Units also fit into current fireplaces or can mount on a wall. There are varying levels of complication in installing these units, but there is no reliance on running a gas line through the fireplace or creating ventilation. That makes even the more complex jobs easy by comparison.

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