The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces vs. Wood Fireplaces

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Few people object to sitting around a warm, crackling fireplace on a cold winter day. There’s just something classic and timeless about a log in the hearth, radiating heat and a warming orange glow. For homeowners with classic wood fireplaces, it’s something that becomes a welcome part of your days throughout the colder months of the year.

But the flipside of this great home amenity is the upkeep that can come with a wood fireplace. For many, having to clean out ash and soot or have the chimney swept can be a headache that’s best avoided altogether. It’s these homeowners who might instead benefit from a gas fireplace installation.

If you’ve got a dusty wood fireplace that’s not getting its due, take a look at a few reasons it might be in your best interest to upgrade to gas—or, if you’re looking for a brand new fireplace installation, why gas might be a good first choice:

  • Low upkeep: As touched on above, a gas fireplace simply has less upkeep and maintenance associated with it. Moreover, the cost of fireplace services in Seattle, WA is substantially lower. When you take soot and ash and creosote out of the equation, you’re left with minimal maintenance needs that can quickly be addressed by a professional for cheap.
  • Low overall cost: From installation to repairs to fuel, just about everything involved in owning a gas fireplace is going to be cheaper than with a wood-burning fireplace. Even if you split your own logs or do your own basic cleaning, the total cost of ownership is still going to be higher for a wood-burning fireplace, offset by major cleaning, routine repair and unexpected maintenance.
  • More efficient: When you burn wood in your fireplace, the flue has to be open, which means heat is going up and out of your chimney. Sure, you might catch some radiant heat if you’re close enough, but it’s not going to go far from the hearth. Gas fireplaces heat more efficiently and better in the area they’re in, allowing you to enjoy a natural warmth more efficiently.
  • Safer: With a twist of the knob you can control the amount of fuel being fed into your gas fireplace, allowing you to dim or ignite your flames to different levels. On top of this, gas fireplaces also have built-in fail safe components, to ensure gas isn’t leaking uncontrolled into the fireplace or your home. With traditional wood-burning fireplaces, it can be hard to control the flames or dictate the intensity of the fire.

If you’re tired of having to call for annual fireplace services in Seattle, WA or are trying to decide what the best fireplace investment you can make is, consult with a professional at Custom Fire Art about gas fireplaces today. It’s a convenient, modern choice that can be tailored to virtually any living space, with aesthetics that allow it to blend in seamlessly. You’ll get all the charm of a wood fireplace, with the modernity and convenience of gas!

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