Ask an Outdoor Kitchen Builder in Seattle, WA About How to Prepare for Your New Home Addition

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You’ve always wanted an outdoor kitchen, and now you have the resources to get one installed! However, there are things to know and steps to take before contracting such a large project. With this in mind, let’s ask an outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA about the best ways to prepare yourself—and others—for your new home addition:

  • Know what you want: Above all, you need to know what you want in a brand new outdoor kitchen well before the builder arrives with a crew. Consider the fact that, even though it’ll be located outside, the kitchen addition should flow with your house, from the color scheme to the structural design. If you entertain a lot, then you might prefer a more open space to accommodate kitchen appliances and fixtures, as well as all your guests.
  • Get a pro design: So, you have a good idea of how you want your outdoor kitchen to look. Great! Gather your ideas, notes and sketches and take them to a professional who can build on your desires to create your custom kitchen. Hiring a pro to help with the design phase ensures that your layout is all properly measured out to fit kitchen appliances, a sink, countertops, light fixtures and your dining set without crowding. It’s also important that a trained technician inspects the future outdoor kitchen space for power outlets, and they can also quickly locate any local utility wires prior to construction.
  • Have time for the project: Because a home addition project may take some time, your outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA will give you an estimated timeframe for completion before finalizing any type of work agreement. If the project will take three weeks to complete, but you have a vacation planned that starts in two weeks, maybe you should schedule the build to start after you get back. And remember, a fully customized outdoor home kitchen will not get built overnight, so you must have time and patience.
  • Clear the area early: Now that the layout is on paper and both parties have come to a service agreement, you need to clear the work area. Move items like potted plants, outdoor furniture, kids’ toys and bulky garbage far out of the way of the work crew’s path. Clear the area early to avoid hindering progress.
  • Cover glass windows and doors: Ask your outdoor kitchen builder in Seattle, WA if you need to cover glass windows and doors to keep them from getting damaged. For temporary protection against flying materials and kicked-up debris, use thick utility mats and blankets or cardboard on outside glass.
  • Let neighbors know your plans: Building your new outdoor kitchen will be noisy at times. To ensure your neighbors won’t hate you or call the police with noise complaints, it would be wise to give them a heads-up out of courtesy to let them know when the crew will be there during the week, what time they plan to arrive each day and how long the project is going to take.

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