Five Business Establishments That Can Benefit from Fire Pit Installation in Seattle, WA This Winter

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Aesthetically pleasing fire pits lend a timeless charm to any space they occupy. In our backyards, they represent a place to gather and enjoy the warmth and company of the people we care about. And there is nothing saying we can’t have that same feeling and atmosphere in our businesses. With custom designed fire pits, there are so many great opportunities to bring an unforgettable feeling of warmth to your business space this winter.

Here are five of the top business types that should consider fire pit installation in Seattle, WA to bring an added sense of atmosphere to their spaces:

  • Bars and restaurants: When it’s cold outside, people love gathering around a fire pit with food and drink, and restaurants and bars offer the perfect opportunity to make this dream a reality. A patio space can easily be transformed into a social hub through the addition of a large outdoor fire pit. Not only will people have a great time sitting around it, but they will also remember your business every time the weather starts to cool.
  • Sporting goods stores: Nothing says “outdoorsy” like a glowing, warm fire. Unfortunately, too many sporting goods stores take the corporate approach and rush their customers in and out. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a sporting goods store that made you feel like you were camping, all while getting ready to go on your next outdoor outing? We think so! They make a nice warm place for a family to sit and consider which tent fits their needs, or a place for a young couple to try on new snowshoes.
  • Lodges and ice rinks: It should be a crime to have a winter sporting activity without a fire pit to warm people up. Whether it’s skiing, hanging out at the lodge or ice skating, a cozy outdoor fire pit is an absolute necessity. Just think about it—cocktails and chitchat are perfect to enjoy around a glowing fire.
  • Department stores: There was a time when shopping was a day-long experience for the whole family. Today, we rush in and out of our daily routines and too often forget to have fun finding a gift for a loved one or buying a new pair of shoes. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a space to relax and wait for your significant other to try things on?
  • Art galleries: Much like the impact a mesmerizing fire pit can have in a bar or restaurant, a fire pit in an art gallery makes an ideal spot for guests to gather and discuss the latest exhibition. A fire pit can transform a static and industrial space into a warm and welcoming hub of creativity and discourse.

While these are just a few businesses that can easily take advantage of putting in high quality fire pits, take a look around to assess if your establishment can use them as well.

If you are interested in learning more about fire pit installation in Seattle, WA, then you’re in luck! At Custom Fire Art, we will set you up with one of our professional commercial fire pit designers to ensure you get exactly the fire pit you want. Call us today to learn more!

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