How Often Should You Change the Gas Logs in Your Custom Fire Pit in Seattle, WA?

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Those who truly enjoy being outside and entertaining their friends and family at all times of the year have probably found ways to create an outdoor space that is comfortable. In addition to having ample seating for guests and plenty of fun decorations, many homeowners who like to entertain outside have outdoor fire pits. Like most things at your home, your fire pit will need to be maintained, and that will include changing or replacing your gas logs.

Here are a few reasons why people should consider changing or replacing the gas logs in their custom fire pit in Seattle, WA:

  • Incorrect logs installed: Most people who decide to have a gas fire pit installed will hire a professional to do so, but not everyone will. One danger in installing the fire pit yourself is that you will not buy the correct logs. Purchasing the incorrect logs is a good reason to replace your current logs, because it can damage your unit or cause the fire pit to not work at all. Be sure to double-check which type of gas logs your fire pit needs.
  • Soot buildup: After a few uses, you will notice soot on your logs. It may not bother you at first because it will add to the realism of your fire pit, but after some time, the build up can start to take away from the appearance of your logs and your fire pit. You do have the option to clean off the soot and hope that you can get your logs looking brand new, but replacing the logs is another option some people prefer, because the fire pit may look better with newer, cleaner logs.
  • Upgrading/updating set: Similar to the decor in your home, you may grow tired of the appearance of your gas logs and simply want a change. It is common for people to want to switch things up after a few years of using the same logs, and with there being so many on the market, why not purchase replacement logs if you see some that you like better than your current logs?
  • Deterioration: Gas logs do have a life expectancy, so you should not expect them to last for 10 years or more. Because most are made from a ceramic material, you will likely see them start to deteriorate after a few years of using them. However, this period is also dependant upon how often you use your fire pit. If you start to notice that your logs look a bit worn or damaged, it’s time to get new logs.

As a homeowner, you can pretty much do whatever you want on the interior and exterior of your home to make it your own. Not all homeowners will have outdoor fire pits, but they make a great addition to any outdoor space. Should you be interested in getting a fire pit, you will want to remember that part of maintaining your fire pits includes changing your logs.

If you have questions about gas logs and your custom fire pit in Seattle, WA, you can contact the experts at Custom Fire Art for assistance.

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