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Common Mistakes People Make When Maintaining

September 6, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Fireplace maintenance is something that every other homeowner needs to undertake in their maintenance routines. It helps ensure that the fireplace is in the best condition possible. However, there are some common mistakes for fireplace maintenance that people tend to repeat. Here are some of the fireplace maintenance mistakes you need to know. 1. Ash Accumulation Over the years, people have never really changed how they dispose of fireplace ashes. Most homeowners will wait for the ashes to cool down completely before they try to sweep them out with a broom and then dump it in the garbage. However, this is not the best way to get rid of ashes as it leads to accumulation. When you have accumulated enough ash in your fireplace, it can be a fire hazard. The best way to get rid of ashes is to use an ash bucket with a lid. You can also use a metal container with a lid to seal the ashes. This will help in preventing any accidents from happening. 2. Not Calling for Help Regarding fireplace maintenance, some people try to do everything on their own. While this is understandable, asking for help when unsure about something is always... View Article

How Often Should a Fireplace Be Serviced?

June 13, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

While it certainly is delightful to move into your new house where a cozy fireplace sits in the den, you must also be wondering how often should you have your fireplace serviced. This is actually one of the things you should not forget to deal with, otherwise, you’ll be left wondering how you can even use it. After all, it does take a lot of work, and you definitely would need to call in a professional for it. If this is your first time dealing with a fireplace, here are some tips you can check out, especially if you want to be ahead of the preparations for winter.  A Question of When According to professionals, the question “how often should fireplace be serviced” is a very practical and important one. Ideally, you should get it serviced and cleaned once every year. Even if you don’t frequently use it, you still need to keep it well-maintained to prevent build-up within, which can become a fire hazard. Some wait a while longer, until it reaches the three-year mark, before getting it cleaned again. This is probably more likely if your fireplace is roomier, and so it wouldn’t fill up with debris and buildup... View Article